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Blah. I feel kinda crappy this morning. I keep burping, and even though I haven't eaten in about 12 hours, the thought of food makes me cringe. I also got about five hours of sleep last night, and then I had to sit through a Comp II class at 8:00. Luckily, Professor Nelson let us out a half hour early. I don't know how I would've been able to stay awake for more notes. Sometimes the guy behind me helps to keep me awake. Every day he mumbles to himself about how he thinks the teacher should rot in hell and if she gives us another writing assignment he's going to blow up her office.

They're having a huge poster sale in the Student Union. I haven't been over there yet, but last year they had all kinds of goodies. I'm going with Clint later, after my Speech class at 12:30. I could really do without that class. The professor is pretty rude, and he constantly rambles about his two sons and how they used to go fishing with him. They stopped inviting him to come along with him, though, because he talks too much and scares the fish. I'm not surprised.

Violent Mumbling Boy just came into the lab. Now he's griping about Myspace errors. If I were Tom, I'd keep an eye out for bombs in my office.

I'm going to go take a nap at Clint's now. :)

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